Is a Birthday Banner still Relevant for an Old Man?

happy birthday bannerThe 65th birthday of your dear father is just around the corner. You feel problematic again. You recall how hard you tried to please him during his birthday last year but it wasn’t essentially the response that you had been looking for. He has become introverted since his retirement a few years back. He wants to lead a simple and quiet lifestyle now in the sanctum of his own home. He does not even like dining out at any given time, even on his birthday. He is so sick and tired already of the many social gatherings in the company where he worked for so many years as a top executive. In short, he does not want to make a fuss of the personal events of his life anymore.

Why not try a different idea. Maybe by using a happy birthday banner this time? There is always a first time for him to enjoy it and for all of you in your family. Rest assured this would be suitable for his 65th birthday.

You can have a dinner in your house. You can have your mom or sister prepare it. You can also opt to cater the dinner so as to simplify your life. Invite your very close relatives and his closest friends from his former company. A dinner for at most 10 to 15 persons should do so that he will not get upset.

Then you can surprise your dad with a birthday banner. You can purchase this, have it made with your specifications, or you can prepare it yourself. This will definitely spice up the celebration. It can be a huge poster type where everyone can write on it as they arrive. The guests may also be made to write on it days before the occasion so that it is already filled up when you hang it for that night.

Happy Birthday bannerThe idea is to make it very simple to suit his personality and yet make the 65th birthday so memorable for him. This happy birthday banner can have few words on it such as “Happy 65th Birthday”. You can also add a powerful adjective or phrase that best describes him. A picture or a caricature of him may be added to the banner. The banner can be placed at the entrance, in the garden, or in the room where you will have the get-together with these few guests. The colors used should also suit him. On the other hand, you may dare to make it colorful just to make a contrast and ensure a festive mood.

And do not forget the music that is suited for him and the guests. With the sumptuous food, the music, and this happy birthday banner, he will surely remember this celebration for the rest of his life.


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